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How can we make the personal server tools we love (WordPress, Known, ownCloud, Cozy, etc.) interoperable? To compete with centralized tools like Facebook and Google Docs, all decentralized projects should work together! Let's weave one single web from them.

During OuiShare Labs we will discuss two things:

Decentralized Sharing

how Alice can share for instance a photo or a zip-file with Bob, assuming they both have a personal server, but their servers don’t run the same software. We call this Decentralized Sharing.

Topics to be discussed:

  • How does Alice select the recipient(s)? What if she doesn’t have Bob in her contacts yet, or doesn’t know his URL?
  • How can Bob’s server get notified that something was shared with Bob?
  • How can Bob use his browser to access the thing Alice shared with him, in a human-viewable way?
  • How can Bob’s server access the thing Alice shared, even if Bob is not online?
  • If Alice shares for instance a vcard or a markdown document, then how can Bob’s server understand that semantically?
  • Once Alice shared a document with Bob, how can Bob edit that document? (distributed versioning)

Our aim is to produce an Internet Draft to summarize our conclusions.


We are also interested in how different pieces of software can work together on one person’s personal server, for instance using MicroPub to post a photo to your blog.

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Sessions: Monday 18th May 15h-16h30 Continuing on Tuesday Tuesday 19th May Talk: Tue 11h30

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