Federated Wiki

Our new wiki innovates three ways. It shares through federation, composes by refactoring and wraps data with visualization.

I had done a great deal of writing as a youth, and re-writing, and the intricacy of taking ideas and sentences and trying to arrange them into coherent, sensible, structures of thought struck me as a particularly intricate and complex task, and I particularly minded having to take thoughts which were not intrinsically sequential and somehow put them in a row because print as it appears on the paper, or in handwriting, is sequential. There was always something wrong with that because you were trying to take these thoughts which had a structure, shall we say, a spatial structure all their own, and put them into linear form.

— Ted Nelson, inventor of modern hypertext and Xanadu

— — cited after Mike Caulfield’s Smallest Federated Wiki as an Alternate Vision of the Web


We will be investigating the world of federated wiki. You are advised to take a quick look at some of the resources below.


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